Drug Testing

Through our sister company Test Limited (www.nztesting.co.nz) Paragon is pleased to provide our clients with a complete and independent service; Presumptive testing for home purchases, decontamination of properties, vehicles and boats.

Our presumptive first stage is a forensic swab that is sent to Labtec, resulting in a report detailing if methamphetamine is present and the presumptive level.

The next stage is a full scan of the property room by room, again sent to Labtec resulting in a report with levels of contamination in all areas of the property.

Note: Section 41, Health Act 1956 Owners or occupiers may be required to cleanse premises

(1) If any local authority is of opinion that the cleansing of any premises is necessary for preventing danger to health or for rendering the premises fit for occupation, it may cause an order (in this section referred to as a cleansing order) to be served on the owner or occupier of the premises requiring him to cleanse the same in the manner and within the time specified in the order in that behalf.

(2) If the person on whom the cleansing order is served does not comply therewith, the local authority may cause the premises to be cleansed in the manner specified in the order at the cost in all things of the owner or occupier.

(3) Every person commits an offence against this Act who fails to comply with any cleansing order served on him under this section. Note: Our decontamination service is performed in accordance with the ‘Guidelines for the Remediation of Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratory sites’.

We are not a factory type service, instead we act independently and for a competitive agreed price beforehand, based on our availability and the district in which the property is located.