Our Investigations Division is split into three areas, Commercial, Legal and Government


Most corporate work tends to involve the investigation of dishonesty offending against our client. Fortunately for our clients (sadly for the offenders) we have seen it all and have a wealth of experience and resources to help.

We work within the law and, spanning 36 years, can boast of never having lost a case or failed to solve offending for our clients. That said, a private investigator has an entirely different agenda from the Police and yes…, often we do need to be feral to catch these crooks, something we are not scared to admit.

Our client is our first priority and recovering losses is often high on our list of objectives. We obtain factual information, physical, documentary and digital evidence as well as obtaining direct evidential statements from witnesses, suspects and offenders.

Our attention to detail is well known to the authorities who have often complimented us on our case submission. We are proud to boast a close working relationship with the various authorities, due solely to our reputation as New Zealand’s leading professional agency that places integrity first.

Fraud investigations by their very nature require a high level of expertise. Both our Managing Director and General Manager are qualified Certified Fraud Examiners, and our MD is a past president of the CFE Auckland Chapter and the current Chairman of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Investigators.

Our Commercial work also involves:

Internal theft, dishonesty, serious fraud assistance

Workplace bullying or threats

Tracking software

Domestic cases (often involving drug use by a family member, or a missing family member, or infidelity matters)

Computer forensic and Cyber security assistance with hacking incidents (we have the best specialists available to assist)

Searching for listening or tracking devices in an espionage type possibility

Social media validation and checks

Tracing individuals for monies, for service of legal documents. Our MD has a special interest in tracing long lost relatives or lost ones (he assisted TV3 Missing Pieces for several years)


It is a proven fact that a PI can add value to almost any litigation and the synergy of having an experienced investigator gathering facts and interviewing witnesses might be the difference between a swift or a protracted outcome.

Examples of our assistance might be;

Interviewing witnesses or complainants

Obtaining evidential statements or Briefs

Trademark investigations

Tracing witnesses

Background inquiries (we have access to many subscriber sites and resources, all readily available)

Surveillance (covert and video capability)

This article published in the New Zealand Law Society magazine in May 2017 discusses the advantages of using a PI to assist lawyers Private investigators on the case

Paragon have worked for 36 years assisting lawyers, indeed depending on the type and/or magnitude of the matter, we might suggest a client has a discussion with their lawyer before instructing a PI, so that we can work with their lawyer and obtain the best and most cost-effective solution to their problem.

We are happy to attend at any legal firm and talk formally or informally to staff on the what services a PI can bring to a litigation.


Paragon holds several government contracts and works to the State Services Commission Standards of Integrity and Conduct. We assisted the SSC in their latest inquiry into the private security sector.

We are government vetted, our health and safety systems exceed the required standards and we assisted the SSC in their latest inquiry into the private security sector. Paragon is a safe choice for government to instruct.

References will be discussed at a mutually convenient meeting.