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We have the most experienced security consultants in New Zealand, and when we meet with your team, we can provide testimonials to prove our point.

Paragon has and still does, work for most of New Zealand’s large corporations and some government agencies providing true independent security advice or help. We stress the need for independence because you must avoid any consultant that takes a commission or works in conjunction with a supplier. Our services include, but are not limited to;

Security reviews and audits for government, local bodies and commercial clients
Security advice
Risk mitigation and management
Health and safety compliance
CCTV systems – including the latest technology
Physical security reviews of any premise no matter how large or small
Security penetration testing programs
VIP and close protection staff
Head of security for government conventions
Staff training on security awareness and social media
Cyber security assistance or training

Our General Manger, Wayne Kiely is our lead for your security consultancy requirements, telephone 021414436, or click to email Wayne at

Wayne is a top expert security consultant, testament to this being his appointment to the Security and Risk panel of a major government owned entity. Other tasks have included site security and risk evaluations at 52 separate sites for a local body. We have performed security reviews of commercial premises and sites from a small office complex to large industrial manufacturing plants.

If your query is security related then it would pay to contact us to ensure independent expert advice and assistance. Especially, we ask you to note we do not take a markup on security products or from a supplier, discounts are passed on and our goal is for our client to have the right equipment for the task and at the very best cost.

Paragon is government vetted and for government clients we are proud to advise we comply with the State Services Commission Standards of Integrity and Conduct. We assisted the SSC in their latest inquiry into the private security sector.

In November 2018 we won an award for our health and safety system.