process serving

We have been serving documents for over 37 years in New Zealand and at one time held the largest process serving contract with a government agency. However, we made a decision to move from a factory type service that inevitably has issues, to a boutique service, catering for our regular clients and quite frankly, we tend to specialise to regular client instructions and in the more difficult serves.

This is because as investigators we have the skills to track evasive respondents and still serve discreetly, as opposed to some hopeful visit to a property. We do not offer a budget type set price service fee and will always provide a quote after considering the task required.

Given litigation can be costly, you might actually decide there is merit instructing us first due to our investigative experience, local knowledge and “having seen it all before” when it comes to evasive characters, and of course, if it turns out to be a simple serve then in keeping with our desire to have repeat business, our fee will reflect that.

We are able to arrange for service, or to refer you to a server throughout New Zealand and overseas using our vast network of contacts and associated organisations we belong to. In fact, just last year we were awarded a national process serving, tracing contract by a national bank, why us? – because they value quality national service and reputational integrity in everything they do.

Due to our experience, overseas clients prefer to instruct us, to ensure the matter is dealt with right first time with no delays in their litigation proceedings.