Auckland might not be the capital of New Zealand but it is the largest city and our Auckland Private Investigators know every street with vast local knowledge and the full range of services available for clients.

When making enquiries in any large city, local knowledge is everything. You need to have sources, you need to be able to get around blending into the specific city vibe and you must be able to obtain information that is crucial to the case in hand.

Auckland is known as a “Super City” created by a local government merger of many previous cities, each with their own culture and socio economic differences.We enable clients to be confident that their queries will be handled by a local and experienced investigator.

With a broad range of specific skills and nationalities, clients know that no matter which part of the Auckland Super City their enquiry needs to be made, and irrespective of size or complexity, the matter is being personally managed by a private investigator from Auckland.

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