Protecting people, businesses and property

No job too big or small – 80% repeat business

When our company principal Ron McQuilter started work as a PI in New Zealand in 1983, his very first investigation involved an internal theft were an assistant manager was stealing from his employer (you can read that story in “Busted”). Jump to 2020 and we still catch thieves. And, yes…38 years later we are proud to boast that we still assist that same client.

Other initial clients in 1983 were law firms and insurers. Again, they still instruct and refer people to us. (many former legal clients are now High Court Judges). The upshot is that we know where our bread is buttered and we remain loyal to our clients who in turn stand loyal to us. Testament to this belief is the fact that 85% of our turnover is from repeat business. Our client’s value knowing who to contact and just as important who they can refer without fear of blowback. Once you are a client of Paragon, we will look after you forever.

Our profession is very different in 2019 than it was in 1983. The threat of harm to people and property is more prevalent and the skills required are by necessity more varied. Our firm employs former police, military (including Special Forces) as well as an array of other computer forensic, cyber research, analytical specialists and the country’s top security consultants.

We hold several government contracts and assisted the State Services Commission in their recent inquiry into the private security sector. We operate in accordance with the SSC Code of Professional Conduct and Integrity. In 2018 and again in 2019 we were placed in the top 10 small enterprise category for our health and safety systems and processes, see

We enjoy each and every contact and are proud to claim that there is NO JOB TOO SMALL at Paragon and NO JOB TOO BIG. We will be happy to assist a client or potential client in any way we can, irrespective of the magnitude of work required. Indeed, we encouraged our clients to call just to sound us out on any issue they might have for free – it’s the least we can do.

In the past year our smallest billing job was $35, our largest single job was just over $130,000.

We have the team to assist no matter how complex, the degree of difficulty, the type of assignment, the location in New Zealand or even worldwide through our industry associations.

Note: We reserve the right to refuse to accept to engage in private domestic enquiries at our sole discretion.