No job too big or small – 80% repeat business


When our company principal Ron McQuilter started work as a PI in New Zealand in 1983, his very first client was a law firm, the first job was serving a document for $8. Jump to 2017 and we still serve documents..yes.. 34 years later, we are proud to boast that we still work for that same law firm (many former clients are now High Court Judges) and we still perform document serving, tracing and other basic jobs. We know where our bread is buttered and we remain loyal to our clients who in turn stand loyal to us. Testament to this belief is the fact that 80% of our turnover is from repeat business. Our client’s value knowing who to contact and just as important who they can refer without fear of blowback.

We enjoy each and every contact and are proud to claim that there is NO JOB TOO SMALL at Paragon and NO JOB TOO BIG. We will be happy to assist in any way we can, irrespective of the magnitude of work required, indeed even if it’s just to give a client free advice.

In the past year our smallest billing job was $15, our largest job was just over $200,000.

We have the team to assist no matter how complex, the degree of difficulty, the type of assignment, the location in New Zealand or even worldwide through our industry associations.


Criminal history check


Surveillance and Cctv

Security reviews and services

Drug testing services

Commercial investigations