Paragon is New Zealand’s largest and only true national Private Investigation and Security Consultancy agency with offices in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch.

For over 37 years, our company principal Ron McQuilter and his team have helped individuals, large and small companies, insurers, government agencies, local bodies and individuals reduce their exposure to internal and external risks, capitalise on business opportunities as well as identify and deal with a wide array of personal and business crime.

Your typical NZ Private Investigator or Security Consultant is a sole trader with a flash website that promotes them the country’s “leading” agency ! With Paragon you are dealing with the only New Zealand Private Investigation and Security Consultancy company that has a formal board of governance, longevity in leadership spanning almost four decades and several current nationwide commercial and government contracts. Our investigators and security consultants are the hand picked best and they report through our strict processes and protocols. We are the largest, we are the leaders and we can prove it.

Paragon’s focus is on creating strategic client partnerships and adding tangible value and safety to our customer’s business or endeavours, whether it’s here in New Zealand or worldwide.

Our mission statement is: To identify, anticipate and fulfill our client’s needs with integrity, experience and commitment”.

Our entire team are all proven industry professionals, proud to be selected as part of Paragon. Uniquely individual with their own talents and specialties, they can work solely on an assignment or as part of a multi-faceted unit. The team generally have past experience in Police, military including Special Forces, government agencies, forensics, even hospitality, marketing and analytical experience. It takes all kinds of individuals to perform the variety of assignments in the PI profession, and scale is vital.

We have a dedicated surveillance capability with adapted vehicles capturing events in real time, encrypted radio telephones, mobile internet tracking, video and photo capabilities.

Our facilities, systems and processes allow a fast turnaround on client’s files, and our people need only focus on the task at hand.

Government and corporate clients can be given access to view all work on their files online and run a variety of reports. They can also view our health and safety processes and systems online (we have received an award the last two years as a top 10 Health and Safety company). For government clients we work in accordance with the State Services Commission Standards of Integrity and Conduct.

Code of Ethics:

Paragon’s key shareholders are members of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Investigators

Ron McQuilter was re-elected in November 2020 as current Chairman of NZIPI and is proud to ensure all our team adhere to the NZIPI code of ethics:

“We shall perform our professional duties in accordance with the Laws of New Zealand with the highest moral principles and with truthfulness and integrity.

“We will at all times take every care to ensure the professional reputation of the Institute, our members and principals are not compromised.”

“We will be diligent and competent in performing our professional responsibilities and will when properly called upon by the Institute’s ethics committee be prepared to assist in any investigation of our actions as they might reflect on the Institute’s reputation, ethics and objectives.”

Paragon perform checks on companies wishing to join the New Zealand Security Association, such is our relationship with the security industry body.