Ron McQuilter re-elected Chairman of NZIPI

As reported in the NZ Security Magazine, at the AGM of the New Zealand Institute of professional investigators in November 2017, our Managing Director Ron McQuilter was re-elected Chairman of the NZIPI.

The NZ Security article also contains interesting comments relating to the NZ Bill of Rights, that PI’s are not bound by, unless they are working for a government agency that has enforcement powers and has vested those powers on the PI. The issue typically pops up when a PI has interviewed an employee in an employment related matter and the employee has during the interview confessed to what is likely to be a criminal offence. While the PI can and will take the information, Police are required to re-interview prior to laying charges. PI’s are bound by the good faith principle under Section 103A (3) of the Employment Act 2000 see this link and also need to balance their interview having regard to Section 30(3) of the Evidence Act, see this link. Note the reference to section 3 New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 see this link