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We can provide references, having worked for most of New Zealand’s large corporations and some government agencies providing truly independent security advice or help, such as; Head of security for government conventions, security reviews and audits for government and commercial clients, security advice, risk mitigation and management Health and safety compliance CCTV systems – both overt and hidden camera Physical security reviews of any premise no matter how large or small Security penetration testing programs, plainclothes Cash in Transit for cash or valuables, GPS tracking and VIP and close protection staff.

Our General Manger, Wayne Kiely is regarded as one of the country’s top expert security consultants, testament to this being his appointment to the Security and Risk panel of a major entity.

If your query is security related then it would pay to contact us to ensure independent expert advice and assistance. Especially, we ask you to note we do not take a markup on security products or from a supplier, discounts are passed on and our goal is for our client to have the right equipment for the task and at the very best cost.